Turdean, Eugen Nicolae (goes by Nick) of Trafalgar Asset Managers, Ltd.

Eugen Nicolae (goes by Nick) Turdean of Trafalgar Asset Managers, Ltd.

Media Releases

In 2004, Nick Turdean was listed as the global head of application development at JP Morgan Investor Services. At the time he was based in London.

In 1999, Nick Turdean was the euro conversion manager at Credit Suisse First Boston.

In 2005, Nick Turdean ran the 5-K Chilmark Road Race.

Ang, Paul Howard of Summit Global Management, Inc.

Paul Howard Ang of Summit Global Management, Inc.

Media Releases

In October of 2006, Paul Ang was quoted in an article saying that water was “the ultimate investment as far as demand and necessity.” The article also states that the Summit Global Management hedge fund had $210 million in institutional assets under management on September 30, 2006. The fund had only $68 million a year earlier.

In December of 2005, Paul Ang was the VP of Summit Global Management in San Diego. He was quoted in an article for his opinion of the investment potential of air and water companies in China.

Spray, Christopher Julian of Atlas Venture

Christopher Julian Spray of Atlas Venture

Media Releases

Christopher Spray is a board member at Kalido.

Christopher Spray is quoted about Atlas Venture, stating that it has raised a $950 million venture capital fund, Atlas Venture VI, from institutional investors for investment in early-stage technology companies.

Christopher Spray compares venture capitalists and race car driving in relation to the net (web). He compares the pit-stop to the VC teams. “All teams use the same fuel (the money’s a commodity), but good strategy and smart teamwork gets you out ahead. And behind every team there’s a complex web (excuse the expression) of partnerships with sponsors suppliers etc.”

Christopher Spray says NASDAQ is the market they prepare their companies for not London’s AIM market.

After a third round of venture financing, the software maker Kalido had total investments of $43.5 million in 2005. Christopher Spray states the decision to provide additional funding to this once one-product company was to accelerate product development and expand sales.

In 2003, e-commerce companies received almost 50% more private equity funding.

In 2004, Atlas Venture hired Fred Destin, a software investor. Mr. Spray said he would compliment the existing team.

Christopher Spray mentioned that Atlas Venture is pleased to continue their involvement with Choreology in 2004.

Christopher spray is quoted in articles about the market and venture capitalists.

In September 2003 Christopher Spray was a speaker at the Venture Journey Europe Conference in London.

In 2002, Atlas Venture closed its Seattle and Menlo Park, Calif., offices. They said they would make no new investments on the West Coast.

In 2002 venture capitalists cut back. The cuts brought the amount of capital being returned to limited partners this year to $3.18 billion.

In 2001 confidence in venture capitalists reached an all time low.

In 1996 Atlas Venture launched its first partnership that featured an international strategy. The Atlas Venture Fund lll will back high-technology companies. Christopher Spray said that investors are now more willing to invest in international partnerships.

Singh, Manbir Nayyar of Gracie Asset Management

Manbir Nayyar Singh of Gracie Asset Management

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Media Releases

February 2013 Hedge Fund Intelligence article entitled “Gracie assets fall $900M after Key Man Departure,” covering the topic of Mr. Singh’s departure from Gracie in December 2012 and its impact on the firm. (subscription required in order to read article in its entirety)

2010 HedgeWeek article entitled “Moelis acquires investment manager Gracie Credit”

2010 Bloomberg article entitled “Weinstein Profits From Bond Distress as Paulson Loses”

In April of 2006, a group of investors, including Daniel Nir of Gracie Capital, acquired a 5.4% stake in Shaper Image Corp. and opened discussion with management about improving the company’s operations.

In 2005, Gracie Capital LP was listed as a 4% owner in Energy XXI Acquisition Corporation Limited.

In 2005, Daniel Nir of Gracie Capital spoke at the “Hedge Funds vs. Malaria Leadership Conference” in New York City, NY.

In March of 2003, UBS PW allocated assets to Gracie Capital as part of their Event & Equity fund of funds.

In 2003, Gracie Capital founder, Daniel Nir, donated $50,000 to NY State Attorney General, Eliot Spitzer’s political campaign.

In 2002, Daniel Nir of Gracie Capital and Douglas Hirsch of Seneca Capital organized a fund raising conference called the “Seventh Annual Tomorrows Children’s Fund Ira W. Sohn Investment Research Conference.” All the proceeds from the conference would go to the Tomorrows Children’s Fund at Hackensack Medical Center (NJ).

In 2002, Orlando Muyshondt, formerly of Merrill Lynch, joined Gracie Captial LP.

In 2000, Daniel Nir announced his resignation from Alliant Techsystem’s board of directors. He resigned to focus on his investment partners, Gracie Capital.

Manbir Nayyar Singh earned a BSc degree from the University of Alberta in 1984. He was a student in the Department of Computing Science.

Roesler, Deborah Kay of Deephaven Capital Management, LLC

Deborah Kay Roesler of Deephaven Capital Management, LLC

Media Releases

In 2004, Deborah Roesler was the contact at Deephaven for the company’s event arbitrage fund.

In 1997, executives at Piper Jaffray told investors that the company’s legal problems were nearly behind them. The CFO, Deb Roesler said that five of the six class-action lawsuits against Piper Jaffray were settled or almost finished.

In 1997, Deborah Roesler wrote an article titled “Teach your people well” for the Financial Executive magazine. The article was about the mentoring program at Piper Jaffray.

Palmisciano, James Justin of Gracie Asset Management

James Justin Palmisciano of Gracie Asset Management

Media Releases

A March 2009 ISDA Credit Derivates Determinations Committees and Auction Settlement CDS Protocol Adherence letter states that P&S Credit Management LP acts as investment manager to Gracie Credit Opportunities Fund LP, Gracie International Credit Opportunities Fund Ltd., and Gracie Credit Opportunities Master Fund LP.

James Palmisciano donated $2,400 in March 2009 to (Kirsten) Gillibrand for Senate.

A March 2008 article about troubles at CIT Group Inc. quotes James Palmisciano, CIO at Gracie Credit Opportunities Fund, as saying, “They have been survivors, and if history is any guide, they can get through this.” He also said that he was considering buying CIT shares.

A June 2006 article (about SemiCentral.com providing Original Equipment Manufacturers and Contract Manufacturers a direct marketplace to buy and sell surplus stock anonymously and at market-level pricing) quotes James Palmisciano, co-head and portfolio manager of Gracie Credit Opportunities Fund, as saying, “This concept works particularly well for an industry that has only a fragmented distribution channel to handle the massive amounts of excess inventory that develop from time to time.”

A June 2005 article quotes James Palmisciano, co-head of Gracie Capital’s Credit Opportunities Fund, as saying, “What we do differently than most credit funds is that we almost always hedge our credit positions against movements in interest rates and de-emphasize carry when thinking about returns. We recognize that carry trades can be akin to picking up change on the railroad tracks. Our emphasis is on capital appreciation: whether spreads go tighter or wider, whether curves flatten or steepen, whether stocks are cheap or expensive relative to credit and so on. We even tend to focus on credit spreads for many positions in distressed debt, which sounds like heresy to some. This gives us the competitive advantage to value the credit world on a consistent, purely spreads basis, and enables us to take advantage of valuation gaps that exist across rigid segments within credit markets that are typically divided by ratings, instruments and regions.”

James Palmisciano and his wife “Missy” were listed as regional co-chairs for a Picture House Gala (Westchester County, NY; Dec. 2006). The couple also served on the Art Matters Host Committee for a June 2009 Pelham Art Center event (Westchester County). James Palmisciano and his wife Michelle donated between $1,000 – $3,499 to the Westchester Children’s Museum (NY). The couple is listed as sophomore supporters of the Pelham Education Foundation (Westchester County).

James Palmisciano, Director at Deutsche Bank AG New York, served as a panelist at the seminar “Researchers’ Perspectives On Credit Derivatives/Synthetic Securitization” at the 2nd Annual Issuers’ and Investors’ Forum On Credit Derivatives/Synthetic Securitization (US) held in New York City in November 2002.

A September 2001 article states that James Palmisciano was recently appointed to the newly created position of credit derivatives strategist at the Deutsche Bank AG investment bank and securities arm. His new role would reportedly focus primarily on the default swap market.