Doft, Jacob Wolf of Highline Capital Management, LLC

Jacob Wolf Doft of Highline Capital Management, LLC

Doft, Jacob Wolf

Media Releases

Mr. Doft is named in the SEC filings of several companies, including Chap Cap Partners LP, Cash Systems Inc, Aces Wired Inc, Icop Digital Inc, Cinar Corp, Harris & Harris Group Inc and Grand Union Co.

In November 2008 Jacob & Suzanne Doft were co-chairs at Family Music Day of the American Friends of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra (AFIPO).

An August 2006 article mentions that Hillary Clinton would be attending brunch “at the Westhampton Beach home of hedge fund multimillionaire Jacob Doft.”

A September 2005 Forbes article states that Highline Capital Management is an $850 million hedge fund whose biggest holdings are in companies that sell aggregates and/or cement.

Jacob Doft and Suzanne Weiss Doft contributed $1,000-1,799 to the Harvard Hillel in the spring of 2002.

In June 1995 Harris & Harris Group purchased 24.9% of Highline Offshore Advisors.

Jacob W. Doft’s affiliation with Edison Brothers Stores is that he was one of eight members of the reorganized company’s board of directors during its emergence from Chapter 11.

From what could be inferred from alumni news articles, Jacob W. Doft graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1991, and his wife, Suzanne Weiss Doft, graduated from there in 1992. They have an older daughter, Eliana Sophie Doft, who was born March 17, 1998 and a younger daughter, Dara Minnie Doft, who was born February 24, 2000.

Jacob & Suzanne Doft were married on June 19, 1994.

Jacob & Suzanne Doft are on the board of directors at Friends of Bezalel.

Jacob W. Doft is quoted in several articles as the chief executive of Highline Capital Management in New York.

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