Kuflik, Mitchell Andrew of Brahman Partners, LP

Mitchell Andrew Kuflik of Brahman Partners, LP

Media Releases

Mr. Kuflik has served as President, Assistant Secretary, and Director at Paragon Acquisition Company, Inc. He is currently a Member of TeenScreen National Advisory Council at Columbia University, and has also been a Director of Covenant Insurance Company.

Mr. Kuflik appears on the SEC filings of Pzena Investment Management, Inc. Navios Maritime Acquisition Corp, Liberty Acquisition Holdings Virginia, Inc., and Virgin Media Holdings Inc., in addition to several Brahman companies. A full list can be found at http://google.brand.edgar-online.com/PeopleFilingResults.aspx?PersonID=2123093&PersonName=MITCHELL%20A.%20KUFLIK

In February 2011 Third Point analyst Howard Shainker teamed with former Brahman Capital analyst Akiva Katz to build the new hedge fund Bow Street.

Brahman Capital Corp’s top ten fourth quarter 2010 holdings included Sensata Technologies, Valeant Pharmaceuticals, and Xerox. A full list of holdings can be found at http://www.j3sg.com/Reports/Stock-Insider/Generate-Institution-Portfolio.php?institutionid=3754&DV=yes

According to a February 2010 media article (see http://www.housingwatch.com/2010/02/10/power-fraud-the-adam-hochfelder-story/), “As a rising young star in New York real estate, Adam Hochfelder emulated New York legends like Harry Helmsley, buying the billionaire’s namesake Helmsley Building at 230 Park Ave., and setting up shop in the former office of Helmsley’s widow, Leona. Turns out the 38-year old upstart was emulating another legend, too: Bernie Madoff. Hochfelder was charged this week with bilking millions of dollars out of friends and family — even his best man — in phony real estate deals… This is actually the second time in less than two years that Hochfelder has been in hot water with the criminal justice system. In 2008, he was indicted on charges of stealing $17 million from friends, family and banks.” A March 2010 New York Times article said that, “In his court papers, Mr. Hochfelder said he had paid back most of the $17 million from the original indictment. But he still owes money, including to relatives. Paul Hyams, a lawyer who is trying to collect more than $21 million for Mr. Hochfelder’s uncle Peter Hochfelder and other investors, said that Adam had ‘definitely not offered to pay anything’ to his clients.” In May 2010, Adam Hochfelder pled guilty to stealing $18 million (see http://www.nytimes.com/2010/05/22/nyregion/22hochfelder.html).

In 2009 and 2010, Mr. & Mrs. Kuflik made political donations to Ted Deutch For Congress Committee.

In June 2008, Cara Goldenberg, former investor and partner at Brahman Capital, founded the new firm Permian Investment Partners. She is joined by former Brahman colleagues Alex Duran and Scott Hendrickson.

In November 2006 Brahman Capital sold shares of Torex Retail, yet Torex failed to notify the London Stock Exchange.

In June 2005 Brahman Capital leased 15,376 square feet at 655 Third Avenue in New York City. The company moved from 350 Madison Avenue.

In November of 2003 Mitch Kuflik and the Hochfelder family went to Israel to meet victims of terror after their friend Martin Franklin raised money participating in the Iron Man Triathlon Championship in Hawaii.

In September 2002 it was reported that Brahman Bull Fund LP filed to raise $50 million through an offering of limited partnership interests. At the time of its SEC filing, the company had already raised $13.1 million from 16 accredited investors.

In the fall of 2000 The University of Washington in Seattle dropped Brahman Capital from its portfolio for performance reasons.

In March of 1999 Brahman Capital announced that it had selected the Antares 2000(TM) trade order management system.

In December 1998 Marlin Partners and Brahman Capital Corp issued a 13D filing suggesting that Corporate Express, Inc. (CEI) explore strategic options, including replacing their chairman.

In July 1997 Brahman Capital Corp. has acquired an 8.8 percent stake, worth about $22 million in Houston-based Highlands Insurance Group Inc.

In early 1997 Chartwell Leisure Inc. raised approximately $23.2 million in two private placements of common stock to funds managed by affiliates of Brahman Management, LLC and to Baron Asset Fund.

A May 1995 article reported that Brahman Partners II is affiliated with George Soros, and had acquired a 6.6 percent stake in John Nuveen.

In May of 1994 a judge approved a plan to resurrect the failed Covenant Mutual Insurance Co. as an insurer of Connecticut homes and cars. The investors in Insurance Partnerships include New York-based Allegheny Corp.; Northington Private Capital Limited Partnership, a venture capital fund whose investors include Allstate, St. Paul and other insurers; and Brahman Partners.

In March 1994 a group including Quota Fund, a foreign investment company managed by Soros Fund Management, said it paid $4.16 million for a 10.7 percent stake, or 661,500 common shares, in Able Telcom Holding Corp. The group also included Brahman Partners, B-Y Partners and Peter A. Hochfelder.

Karen Lynn Sultz and Mitchell Andrew Kuflik were engaged in February of 1993.

In March of 1992 Mitchell Kuflik, analyst at Brahman Securities, said that Transmedia Network’s stock could hit $ 26 in six months to a year.

In a May 1985 article Mitchell Kuflik, an analyst with Monness Crespi, Hardt & Co., credited A&P CEO James Wood with following a sound strategy in shedding marginal stores and being patient with others.

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