Campbell, Roderick Hugo of RAB Capital, PLC

Roderick Hugo Campbell of RAB Capital, PLC

Campbell, Roderick Hugo

Media Releases

Roddy Campbell is set to speak at the 2009 Hedge Funds World Middle East 2009 conference held in Dubai on March 10-12.

Mr. Campbell served as one of four strategists at the HFR Industry Summit: Mid-Year 2008.

According to a “genealogical survey of the peerage of Britain as well as the royal families of Europe”, Roderick Hugo Campbell, son of Hon. Neil Donald Campbell and Angela Louise Vereker Cross, married Sophie Louise Hicks, daughter of Richard Hicks, in 1988. The couple has three children: Arthur Frederick Campbell, born in 1988; Edie Blanche Campbell, born in 1990; and Olympia Louise Kathleen Campbell, born in 1995. This family profile states that Mr. Campbell was educated at Eton College. According to a June 1996 Vogue article, Sophie Hicks is an architect, having formerly worked as a fashion editor. She runs S.H. Architects Ltd. in London. Pictures of the couple and their children can be viewed at
Roddy Campbell served as a speaker at the 4th Annual Global Absolute Return Congress held in Boston (USA) in October 2006.

An April 2006 company announcement stated that Roderick Campbell resigned as a director of Cross Europe Fund Ltd. effective February 17, 2006.

A June 2005 article announced that RAB Capital agreed to acquire Cross Asset Management. Roddy Campbell received 6.7 million pounds in the deal, and his partner David Linsley received 2.4 million pounds. The article describes Mr. Campbell as “one of the best event-driven managers in the business”.

A June 2005 article quotes Mr. Campbell, saying that there is a “general weirdness” surrounding the company Regal Petroleum.

A May 2005 article quotes Mr. Campbell regarding the fact that “hedge funds have made only one vaguely hostile move in Germany, which was at the Deutsche Borse.”

An April 2005 article lists Roddy Campbell as a speaker at the EuroHedge Summit that was held in Paris.

An April 2005 article says that Roddy Campbell, while at a fundraising event, schmoozed with celebrities like Elle McPherson, among others.

An August 2004 article quotes Roderick Campbell regarding the use of the “black box” system, which produces data from which market trends are predicted.

A February 2003 article states that the Cross Credit Fund was set to launch in March 2003, with an aim to initially raise $50 million and close at $200 million.
Roddy Campbell founded Cross Asset with David Linsley in 1998. Located in London, the firm managed arbitrage and event-driven strategies in corporate equity and credit markets, specializing in Europe.

Roderick Campbell is quoted in a number of investment and equity articles as the manager of Cross Asset.

Roddy Campbell wrote a chapter in the book Evaluating and Implementing Hedge Fund Strategies: The Experience of Managers and Investors, 3rd edition. He has also spoken at a number of conferences and been on several panels.

Roddy Campbell ran Iliad Partners, one of Europe’s first hedge funds in the 1980s.

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