Valdivia Hernandez, Jaime of Emerging Sovereign Group, LLC

Jaime Valdivia Hernandez of Emerging Sovereign Group, LLC

Media Releases

An August 2000 article on Brazilian debt prices Jaime Valdivia comments on the situation and how investors might react to the emerging market bond swap that the country experienced.

A November 2001 article about problems in Argentina’s economy, Jaime Valdivia, strategist at Morgan Stanley in New York, cited the country’s fixed exchange rate, high level of dollar-denominated debt, low primary surpluses, and heavy refinancing needs.

In an October 2002 article Jaime Valdivia, the New York-based Brazil debt strategist for Morgan Stanley, comments on investor confidence in the troubled Brazilian economy.

In a September 2003 article Jaime Valdivia announces that the low expectations for a resolution to the Argentine debt moratorium were met.

A March 2004 interview with Venezuela’s Minister of Finance contains questions from Jaime Valdivia, Director of Research at Emerging Sovereign Group.

In an April 2005 article Jaime Valdivia announces that the trend in Ecuadorian markets is to stabilize, after a change of government in that country.

Jaime Valdivia in a May 2005 article announces, “Crisis is a matter of time” as Ecuadorian use of the U.S. dollar reaches a possible conclusion.

In a January 2006 article Jaime Valdivia, who manages $230 million of emerging-market assets at Emerging Sovereign Group, comments on the recent sale of $1.7 billion of Latin American bonds on the international market.

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